michelle pan

Hi! I'm a fourth-year at UC Berkeley studying computer science and learning how to build intelligent, human-centered technology. I'm exploring AI and robotics with an interest in improving the way machines understand and interact with the world around them.

Currently, I'm working on algorithmic HRI research at the InterACT lab and teaching as an undergraduate student instructor for CS 70. I also tinker with machine learning as part of the wonderful community at Launchpad.

In the past, I was an intern at Everyday Robots, where I worked on vision & language models for zero-shot object detection and played with robots in my free time. Before that, my time was spent across various adventures in technology for autonomous vehicles and social good.

When I'm not doing the above, you can find me jumping down internet rabbit holes, sticking my nose in a book, playing the carillon, or working through New York Times crosswords with friends :)